Home Inspection Prep Sheet
Property Inspection Contract
Alabama Standards of Practice

What do you include in your home inspections?

In Alabama, all home inspectors are required to follow the “Standards of Practice”. I encourage anyone who plans to have an inspection performed to read the standards which are available for download above.

I see that home inspectors are required to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance. What is this?

According to Google:

Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) is a type of professional liability insurance that protects companies and their workers or individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The fees vary based on the size and location of a home. The fee is higher for homes with crawl spaces or other factors that will require additional time for the inspector.

The following questions help determine the fee:

  • Where is the home located? (Address including city)
  • How many square feet of living space?
  • Is the home on a slab or conventional foundation? (Crawl space)
  • How many levels? (2 story, etc.)
  • Does the home have an attached garage?
  • Does the home have outbuildings that require inspection?
  • Are the utilities on? (Water, power and gas)
  • Are you working with a Realtor? If so, whom? Name and contact info

How do I go about getting a quote for an inspection?

To get a quote on a home inspection, call or text me at 334-221-1035.

Is it okay for me to be present at the inspection?

Yes. I would encourage clients to attend the home inspection if possible. (I suggest that you let your agent or the homeowner know of your intentions to be at the inspection. I cannot grant permission for a client to be present since the home does not belong to me.)

Please do not bring children to the home inspection. The home that is being inspected is my work place and the ability to focus and concentrate on my job may not be possible with active children about.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal checks, money orders or most major credit cards. (If you will not be present at the inspection, you may pay with a debit or credit card by phone.)

If I hire your company, will you be the inspector or are there multiple inspectors working for you?

I am a sole proprietor and personally I perform each inspection. (I may occasionally have an assistant but I will always be present and responsible for the inspection.)

Are there things that the sellers should be aware of when anticipating a home inspection?

Yes. You may want to share a copy of the Home Inspection Prep Sheet with the seller or the seller’s agent in advance of the inspection

Warranty: Hal F. Leary Home Inspections warrants that the inspection shall be performed with an honest effort to conform to the Standards of Practice of the State of Alabama.

Note: A home inspection should not be confused with a home warranty. I recommend that all homebuyers consider the purchase of a home warranty. These warranties are available from a number of companies and vary as to coverage and price.

Liability: Under no circumstance shall the liability of Hal F. Leary Home Inspections, LLC exceed the fee of the inspection.

Contract: Please read the contract carefully and seek legal advice if needed. The contract is an important, legally binding document and no home inspection report shall be delivered without a signed copy on file with this company.